DOST Info Officers trained and equipped to improve respective social media accounts

Social Media Workshop

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS. Information Officers/ Media Core members of different DOST Regional Offices and Research and Development Institutes participate in the 3-day workshop facilitated by Ms. Julia Sta. Romana and Mr. Jae Sta. Romana (seated).

Having revolutionized the way people communicate, social media has indeed become a part of every person’s life. Information could easily spread like wildfire, making it readily accessible. Letting others know how you feel towards their posts is just a click away. Instant celebrities rose to fame by simply uploading photos or videos of themselves. Posting a simple status message to ask for help and surely, in a snap, help will be on its way.

Considered as a real game-changer in every field, be it in business, sports, or politics, social media has undeniably become a phenomenon. To take advantage of this, businesses, celebrities, and even the government sector has created their respective social media accounts to appeal to a wider reach of audience.

With the hopes of bringing science and technology closer to more people, the Department of Science and Technology aims to reach those who are not covered by the traditional media, the netizens. To address this, the DOST Region XI, with the DOST-HRDP as funding agency, conducted a three-day workshop entitled “Social Media Teams, Structures, and Protocols”.

“Paano ba gagamitin ang social media para ma-attain ang specific objectives ng ahensya ninyo?,” asked Dr. Anthony C. Sales, DOST XI Regional Director, in his welcome remarks.

Social media, as a communication tool, could potentially bridge the gap between the clients and the agency. In this sense, it creates a faster and concrete interaction between them contrary to the traditional media.

“Yung organizational goals, system wide goals, tinatranslate sa atin kada ahensya into specific goals of the agency. That is what we want to attain for the next 6 years, from 2017 to 2022,” Dr. Sales added.

Stating that such goals should also be evident in the DOST’s profiles/pages, Dr. Sales also mentioned that the entire DOST system should have a harmonized social media accounts. He also reiterated the importance of social media in establishing the image of DOST as a whole.

During the workshop, the participants were able to enumerate their goals/ objectives, create contents for their social media pages, make a social media calendar, and identify their partners in the academe, private and other sectors. The participants were also able to recognize the role of social media as a means of knowing more about their audience. After the three-day workshop, another similar training is said to be conducted next year by the Science and Technology Information Institute, the information and marketing arm of the agency.

Although the DOST still continues to make its projects and services known through the traditional media, the agency is open to more publicity and information-dissemination through its social media platforms.

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