Engr Lolita Vinalay

Engr. Lolita Vinalay, Chief Meteorological Officer of PAG-ASA Butuan, talks about the Philippine Standard Time in a forum held on January 27, 2017 in Digos City.

Don’t we all hate events not starting on time or even friends arriving a few hours later than the scheduled? The Filipino Time is to blame for this. We tend to just brush it off and laugh about it. Others have turned it into marketing strategies for advertising pizza deliveries. This infamous habit that Filipinos are known for has probably been everyone’s pet peeve for decades. Yet, it’s as if no one is doing something about this.

In 2011, the Department of Science and Technology launched “Juan Time”, a campaign which aims to dispel Filipino Time and encourage all Filipinos to follow a single time standard. It was then later picked up by our lawmakers paving the way for the Republic Act 10535, also known as “The Philippine Standard Time (PST) Act of 2013”.


But despite having a law setting the Philippine Standard Time, Filipinos seem to be unconcerned about this.

“Kultura ito eh,” said Dr. Aristotle P. Carandang, Chief of Communication Resources and Production Division of the DOST-STII, in an interview aired in DOSTv, the official Filipino Weather Channel of the DOST.

“Sana sa mas madaling panahon, masasabi nating ‘Uy, ang mga Pilipino, Juan Time na’ dahil the new Filipino Time is on time,” he added.

In a bid to reinforce the PST in the provinces, DOST Provincial Science and Technology Center of Davao del Sur conducted a forum regarding this. Engr. Lolita Vinalay, Chief Meteorological Officer of PAG-ASA Butuan, shared her knowledge on the PST to the participants coming from LGU-Digos and provincial counterparts of National Government Agencies.

 “It’s very important to synchronize our time,” said Vinalay, adding that every minute or even seconds matter in going to school, catching flights or disaster operations.

Vinalay also emphasized that everyone should comply with the Philippine Standard Time as there would be corresponding penalties for those who do not. 

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The official PST may be viewed in the upper right side of the DOST-PAGASA website (

As mandated by the Section 6 of Batas Pambansa Bilang 8, PAG-ASA is tasked as the official timekeeper, the one responsible in the establishment, maintenance, and operation of the National Standard for the second of time.

Now is the best time to start changing our habits from being perpetually late to being punctual. Let’s do the first step by synchronizing our time to the PST. You may do so by checking the official DOST PAGASA website,