Davao City chosen as one of the pilot sites for Flood Management Study

In the last two years, the international community has been constantly making a move on addressing climate change, floods, and droughts. In 2015 alone, three major accords were implemented: the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. These agreements have something in common: that there is an urgent need for us to act on the pressing issues on climate and other water-related hazards.

But to achieve all these, the International Flood Initiative (IFI) revised its strategies for promoting the Integrated Flood Management (IFM), stating that “a new holistic risk-based approach to the IFM must be developed to minimize the loss from flooding under climate change and maximize the net benefits from the use of flood plains for sustainable development”. 


Dr. Anthony C. Sales presenting the Initiatives on Flood management at the Local level based on the HELP Davao Experience


As a follow through to the activities organized by the IFI in 2016 summarized in the HELP-IFI Jakarta Statement, an Implementation Planning Workshop on IFI in Asia-Pacific was held on January 10, 2017 at the Tokyo International Exchange Center, Tokyo, Japan. Present in the workshop are various experts in the field of water management including Prof. Shahbaz Khan, UNESCO Director; Dr. Ali Chavoshian, Regional Center on Urban Water Management Director; and Prof. Toshio Koike, International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM) Director among others. Our very own Dr. Anthony C. Sales also attended the workshop and provided inputs on Flood Management at the Local Level based on the study conducted by the HELP-Davao Network.

It has been discussed during the workshop that there should be a realization on the actions recommended in the HELP-IFI Jakarta Statement. A study on Flood Management is also seen to be established, wherein Davao City is one of the recommended pilot sites.

During the launching of the Community Learning Center in Brgy.10-A, San Rafael Village, Davao City, a workshop was also held to develop a proposal to pursue Davao City as a pilot site for the Flood Management study. The Hydrology for Environment, Life, and Policy (HELP) Davao Network and the Department of Science and Technology Region XI will be at the forefront of the study once it is pushed through.


  • Agenda of the Implementation Planning Workshop on International Flood Inititative (IFI) in Asia-Pacific
  • Agenda of the Group on Earth Observations Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI)