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01 PDs with DOST Executives

Awardees and finalists for Most Outstanding Provincial Science & Technology Directors together with their respective Regional Directors, and top executives of the Department of Science and Technology.

Behind the various achievements of the DOST are men and women who are dedicated into serving the grass roots in every region. There are also people behind the limelight whose efforts remain unrecognized.

Simultaneously held during the Mindanao Technology Transfer Day, a short ceremony also took place to award the Most Outstanding Provincial Science and Technology Directors (PSTD). The award recognizes exemplary leadership, performance, and innovativeness.

FTP during PSTD web

DOST Sec. Fortunato T. Dela Peña reminds RDs and PSTDs of the huge role they have in making science & technology accessible for more people.

Speaking during the Awarding Ceremony for the most outstanding provincial director, the DOST Secretary Fortunato T. Dela Peña reiterated the agency’s goal to expand programs and research and development in the regions.

DOST Info Officers trained and equipped to improve respective social media accounts

Social Media Workshop

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS. Information Officers/ Media Core members of different DOST Regional Offices and Research and Development Institutes participate in the 3-day workshop facilitated by Ms. Julia Sta. Romana and Mr. Jae Sta. Romana (seated).

Having revolutionized the way people communicate, social media has indeed become a part of every person’s life. Information could easily spread like wildfire, making it readily accessible. Letting others know how you feel towards their posts is just a click away. Instant celebrities rose to fame by simply uploading photos or videos of themselves. Posting a simple status message to ask for help and surely, in a snap, help will be on its way.