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A collaborative undertaking of the Department of Science of Technology (DOST) XI, Philippine Women's College (PWC) of Davao, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) XI, and Food Processors Association of Davao (FPAD), Inc. 


A leading hub for innovations, technical support services for the food industry in Davao Region "transforming concepts into products".


We commit to provide innovative technologies and relevant support services to contribute to inclusive and sustained development of the food industry in Davao Region.


To produce value added agricultural and fishery food products through innovation.


PWC of Davao serves as the host institution for the Center.

          - Accessible to target clientele;

          - Available space, buildong structures and support facilities

          - Lay-out/structures with consideration on minimum compliance requirements to             GMP and OSH

         - Availability of dedicated monpower to supervise and manage the perations of               the center.


Provide common service facility for food innovation, and micro toll processing , and packaging to Food Technology Faculty and students of PWC of Davao, MSME food processor and other clients; Provide food testing, information, packaging and labeling design, consultancy and advisory services to assist food processors conform to local and international standards; and Organize trainings and seminars on food processing and food safety.



fpicThe IMMERSION FREEZER uses re-circulation secondary coolant to enhance cooling wherein foods in appropriately-sealed packages are immersed in low- temperature coolant such as brine or alcohol that recirculates and comes in direct contact with the surface of the food package. The high heat transfer coefficient between solid and liquid enables this equipment to cool materials faster than cold-air freezing (between solid and air) system.

Since it is fast-cooling, electricity is conserved, and the re-circulation makes full use of the coolant, thus cost-saving. Immersion-freezing retains the natural qualities of the food, their individual form, texture, and the taste (e.g., seafood, vegetables, and fruits).


fpic The VACUUM- PACKAGING MACHINE removes air from the product and package or container before sealing using a vacuum packaging machine. It vacuum-seals food products in retortable pouches to store the food in minimum-air-environment, preventing the growth of microorganisms and protecting the food from spoiling, thereby extending the shelf life significantly. It is usually applied for long-term storage of dry foods such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee and potato chips (crisps).


fpic The still WATER RETORT is a batch-type, non agitating, vertical- pressure vessel used to process or sterilize foods packed in hermetically-sealed container e.g., ready-to-eat-meals in retortable pouches, cans and jars. It uses water contained in the vessels as the source of heating medium for thermal processing. Water is heated underneath the vessel using a high- pressure LPG burner.Compressed air or additional steam is introduced during the processing cycle to provide the over pressure needed to prevent package  damage or loss of seal integrity (like bursting) during the heating process.


fpicThe VACUUM-FRYER uses a non-conventional method of deep-fat-frying of food materials. It cooks the food by frying in oil inside a vacuum chamber wherein both the oil tempoerature and pressure are low that reduces the absorption of fat by as much as 42%. Moisture removal is accomplished at a lower oil temperature and the changer in food during frying are not as harsh compared to that of conventional frying resulting to high-quality fried products.


fpicThe SPRAY DRYER atomizes (breaking up of a liquid into small paricles to produce a fine mist) liqiud feedstock into a spary of droplets and contacting the droplets with hot air in a drying chamber. The ITDI-designed spray dryer uses to fliud type atomizer wherein compressed air is used to atomize the liqiud feedstock.


fpicThe VACUUM EVAPORATOR causes the pressure in a liqiud-filled comtainer to be reduced below the vapor pressure in the liqiud, causing the liqiud to evaporate at a lower temperature than normal (boil at room temperature). The process uses less heat and can be used on products in which quality is highly affected when boiling at normal temperature.


fpicThe FREEZE-DRYER removes moisture (water content) from a sample while maintaining its cellular integrity. The fundamental princple in freeze-drying is sublimation, the shift from a solid phase directly into a gas. It works by freezing the material and then  reducing the surrounding pressure and adding enough heat to allow the frozen water in the material to change directly from the solid phase to the gas phase. Once the water has been removed though freeze-drying, the dried foods or chemicals are often stored in vacuum-sealed packs to keep air and moisture out.



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