The objective of the Internship Program is to promote science-based knowledge thru research on sustainable water management and building hydro-hazard resilient communities.

One of the two interns, Mr. Jordi Huirne, is currently studying the microclimate of Davao City through the data generated by the weather stations installed all over the region and compares it with flood susceptibility. The other intern, Mr. Mark Wilde, is currently studying the relationship between tides and floods. These studies can be used as relevant tools in planning mitigation and disaster preparedness strategies against hydro-hazards. The results and recommendations from these studies will be presented to the City Council and other relevant stakeholders for possible adoption, further research or future collaborations.

Furthermore, the Internship Program fosters and strengthens HELP-Davao Network as a River Basin Organization (RBO) and expands its opportunities through linkages both local and international which provide different initiatives to achieve the RBO’s vision and mission.