Director Josette Biyo said, “We are opening 500 slots for those who are already in 3rd year college who are willing to teach. These will be offered to students in science, technology, math, and engineering courses.”

Biyo stressed that the scholarship aims to aid in the economic development of the country through the promotion of research, innovation, as well as utilization of the said fields of study.

DepEd Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC on his part underscored the importance of the teachers to be fully immersed in the subjects they are teaching. “This program is important as it encourages students to be teachers in science, technology and mathematics courses”, Luistro said.

The education chief mentioned the importance of the signed IRR as an avenue for practitioners in science, math, engineering, statistics and the like to share their own experiences in their respective fields of expertise as teachers in the Senior High School Program. This will in turn provide for more comprehensive, extensive, and holistic lessons for the students.

Meanwhile Agham representative Palmones said, “We need passionate individuals to push for careers in science and math, especially in developing the mindsets of the Filipino youth.”

He added that the implementation of the RA 10612 is the “realization of Section 8 of the K to 12 law,” which pushes for the hiring of graduates of science, math, statistics, engineering and other specialists as teachers.

The DOST-SEI, as the main implementing body of the act, shall formulate and prescribe timely and relevant guidelines to monitor and evaluate the academic performance of the scholars. As the partner of DOST-SEI, DepEd will ensure job placement and hiring of qualified graduates under this program as secondary school teachers in science, mathematics and related technology courses, as well as the monitoring and evaluating of the teachers under this program. (DepEd/RJB/LFB/PIA-NCR)