"Pwede na niya icalculate kung pila ka buok ang affected, pila ka rice ang kailangan, so ulan pa lang kabalo na sila kung unsa kataas ang flood ug kabalo na sila unsa ang ipreparesa LGU (The Open Street Mapping can calculate how many will be affected, the number of rice needed, so during the rain they will know the flood level and they will know what needs to be prepared by the local government units)," Colemenares said.

They will train student participants coming from the different LGUs on how to get the information needed for the open street mapping such as the population of the area to determine the number of those who will be affected in case of flooding and earthquake.

"Ang info gina enter sya online so maski kinsa pwede mugamit sa information, ang project Noah didto gakuha ug info (The information will be entered online so anyone can use the information and the project Noah will also get their info there)," Colmenares said.

Colmenares added that after the first leg of the Open Street Mapping for Disaster seminar DOST will also hold succeeding events region-wide.
Meanwhile, Colmenares also said that they target to install rain gauges in the city in partnership with the Drainage Management Unit by next year.

"Among goal na sad sa Davao City kay ang urban flooding, so kada every three kilometers magbutang ta ug rain gauge sa city kay diba usahay mag-ulansa downtown unya sa Bangkal wala (Our goal for Davao City is the urban flooding, so every three kilometers we will be putting rain gauge in the city because sometimes it will rain in the downtown area while it is not raining in Bangkal)," he said.

"So from there magbutang mi ug measurement sa street level flooding so later on sa app pwede na nila Makita unsa nga roads ang pwede agihan ug unsa ang mga dili pwede agihan (From there we will put the measurement of the street level flooding, so later on in the app they can see what roads can be still be passed by and those who cannot be passed by)," Colmenares added.

He said they are currently waiting for the approval of more than 50 weather sensors. (SUNSTAR Davao)