NEDA Innovation Day

Two programs of the Department of Science and Technology XI (DOST XI), namely the Grassroots Innovation for Inclusive Development (GRIND) and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies (ReSET) projects, received recognition from the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) during the National Innovation Day Celebration. 

The two programs funded under the National Innovation Fund were given recognition for the successful implementation of the programs. 

DOST XI Regional Director, Dr. Anthony Sales said that with the support from NEDA, the GRIND Program was able to assist fifteen (15) Grassroot Innovators, while three (3) Community-Led Innovation Centers were established across the Davao region. 

Meanwhile, the ReSET project enabled the deployment of a set of electromechanical equipment for hydropower microgrids in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas. The funding support allowed a homegrown company to enhance its capability in manufacturing high-quality micro-hydropower systems.

“Let us work to empower and transform communities into smart, resilient, and sustainable communities and leave no one behind. Collectively, we can make a lasting impact that is reliable, sustainable, and brimming with opportunities for all” Dr. Sales said during his presentation at the said celebration.

The National Innovation Day celebration was centered around the theme of “HABI: Huddle, Analyze, Build, and Innovate” and highlighted the various initiatives by various sectors throughout the country in building a dynamic innovation ecosystem supporting inclusive socioeconomic development.


DOST XI S&T Information and Promotion