Packaging Training2

A total of 31 participants from City Agriculturist Office attended the Department of Science and Technology Region XI (DOST XI) seminar workshop on Packaging and Labeling of Fresh and Semi-Processed Agricultural Produce at Casa Leticia Hotel, Pelayo Street, last April 26.

Arnel Rodriguez, City Science & Technology Director and DOST XI Packaging Section Head, tackled the fundamentals of packaging, packaging for fresh produce, and distribution packaging.

Although the packaging’s main purpose is for the reduction of losses and wastes, Rodriguez also described it as a “silent salesman” because a product with good packaging would have a better chance of attracting customers.

Packaging at the minimum possible cost was a thing in the past, Rodriguez said, “We can see these days that the Class A and B markets want better, artful packaging.”

For a successful packaging, Rodriguez said it is essential to identify one’s market, the route of the product, the target consumers, the trend, and its competitors.

When it comes to Halal seals, Rodriguez stressed that products undergo Halal Certification especially if it will be exported to other countries that are also separately looking for a Halal Verification.

“In Halal verification, the actual product itself undergoes DNA testing for porcine, horse, and alcohol,” he said, for some products discreetly use non-Halal products.

The lecture ended with a packaging activity where the participants were challenged to make a strong container for four fresh eggs using only paper cardboards and colored pens and papers.

Alma G. Lacsamana, Institutional Development Staff, thanked DOST XI for the training, saying it is well-presented and concise.

Fe Oguio, Agricultural Technologist, described the training as “enjoyable” and “eye-opening”. She said the workshop is a challenge on their part for they  are the ones who face the stakeholders themselves, particularly the farmers.

She said she hopes there will be more workshops in the future for their stakeholders, “So they could better appreciate their importance and their role in the production to minimize losses.”

“This is a treasured opportunity because we were given time to attend this training. I extend our sincerest gratitude to DOST XI,” she added. (Percival Cyber Vargas)

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