The grant was used by JII to acquire a brand new Single Screw Pipe Extruder, which became operational by the end of January 2015. This facility is for the production of 20-63mm PE pipes suited for the retail market, generally serving domestic purposes.

Within a few months of use, JII attested to the efficiency of the new equipment compared with its old and depreciated counterpart. Engr. Juan Carlos P. Quinto, the Plant Manager said that with the new equipment, the production volume of 20-63mm PE pipes almost doubled; the wastage was cut by 33%-47%; and the necessary set-up and heat up time were significantly reduced which lowered the production cost, energy savings and worker-friendliness of the new equipment.

Under the management of Engr. Robert D. Quinto, JII has grown to become a renowned brand in the field of water conveyance, use and discharge. Over the years, the company has forged ties with premier real estate developers, agricultural companies, irrigation and government water system contractors. Moreover, it is the first high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe manufacturer in country conferred with the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality Certification Mark by the Bureau of Product Standards.

Committed to its mission of providing quality products and services, JII is willing to adopt appropriate technologies and development strategies to continually give the best to its Filipino consumers.