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Held in partnership with the DOST Regional Office-XI,the exhibit educateschildren on the importance of having a healthy mind and body and how to keep away from various diseases that may affect theirwell being and performance in school.

The exhibit is housed at DOST XI’s Mindanao Science Centrum facility in BagoShero, Davao City. DOST welcomes students who want to learn and view several interactive displays that make learning science fun and easy.

Among the interactive displays in the Health on the Go are thedigital display mapping the various disease outbreaks in the world such as the avian flu or better known as the H5N1, which was first reported in Hongkong, China; the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS, which made its presence in Guandong, China; the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in Saudi Arabia and in some countries in the middle eastern part of Asia; and finally, the dreaded Ebola virus in Congo, Africa.

Further, there are displays on various disease-carrying insects and animals, and corresponding diseases. Displays on how to avoidbeing sick are more explicitly detailed, as well as displays that encourage children to exercise and keep their bodies from moving. In addition to these, Health on the Go incorporated usual displays such as the Plasma Sphere, Bernoulli Effect, Ant-Gravity Mirror, Head on the Platter, and Laser Harp among others.

As for Janelle, her fascination on science and technology was made stronger by the science exhibits. “They are really cool. It (exhibits) made my understanding on science concepts easier than what we are usually reading. I hope there will be more of this in Davao City,” chuckles Janelle.

The Health on the Go was launched last September 23 and will run until October 23, 2015. (By Joy M. Lazcano, S&T Media Service, DOST-STII)