The 3-day event was set to improve the knowledge and strategies in the academe perspective in developing the Philippine Halal Market.  The congress aims to harmonize the understanding about basic concepts and principles of Halal to drive more key players in optimizing the fast growing market.   
Representatives from local and international institutions were invited to speak on Halal Science, The global halal market, human resource in Halal industry and future areas for Research and Development (R&D), Halal quality assurance, and the role of S&T and HEIs in the Development of Halal Industry in ASEAN countries.

Mr. Ihsan Ovut, Secretary general and Engr. Yasin Zulfikaroglu, of the Standards and Metrology for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) shared significant information on the drivers on halal market, actors on halal market, value of global halal market and an overview of the services of SMIIC. Likewise, Dr. Zenaida P. Hadji Raof-Laidan, Regional Director of DOST XII, discussed the issues and challenges of the innovation program of the government on halal and the synergy complementation of different offices on the program.