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Regidor aimed high since his 2nd year in college. His goal was to top, if not perfect, the board examination. To achieve his goals, Regidor joined organizations such as Dolphin Tutorial Club and attended the preboard course for the ultimate realization of his goals. He further attended review classes here in Davao City and in Manila as part of his preparations for the board examination. "It is better to bleed in training than to be killed in the war," Regidor said. Based on his experience, “I can say that the review center can only contribute 30% to your board exam success. The rest lies with the board exam taker's hands,” he added.

“The DOST Scholarship was very instrumental in attaining my goals during my college. Aside from lightening my financial burden, the DOST itself also helped me in honing my people skills since I was also able to attend the 1st DOST Scholars Congress in 2011. These things truly prove that DOST not only takes care of its scholars financially, but it also molds them to become productive citizens of our dear country by providing them opportunities to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom” said Regidor when asked how the DOST scholarship helped him.