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Montejo explained that the “Juan Time, On Time Ako” campaign seeks to redefine the concept of Filipino time to one that is of punctuality and not of missed opportunities due to tardiness.

Changing the concept of Filipino time brings about cultural change that will be key for the country in “redefining Philippine standard as one of top quality.”

The adoption of PhST is also seen to pave the way for Smarter Philippines agenda outlined earlier by DOST.

Under Smarter Philippines, DOST has been tasked to maximize the potential use of science and technology to help improve the quality of life and drive inclusive growth among communities, especially those in the country.

Under the umbrella program of Smarter Philippines, DOST aims to create an environment that will foster local and global investments in the country as it readies for the shift in emerging economies by 2050.

An Asian Development Bank study noted that next to China and India, the Philippines will be one of the key emerging economies that will get a greater investment share by 2050.

The sectors that the country will focus on will include: agriculture, industries, governance, climate change adaptation, human capability, jobs creation, healthcare, and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

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