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As a leading hub for innovations and technical support for the food industry in Davao Region, FPIC envisions transforming concepts into products. FPIC-Davao commits to provide innovative technologies and relevant support services to contribute to the inclusive and sustained development of the food industry in the Davao Region. The center will function as a common service facility for food innovation, micro toll processing, and packaging to Micro, Small, and Medium food processing enterprises, the academe, and other clients. Furthermore, the center will upgrade manufacturing operations and processing systems through the application of new technologies. FPIC-Davao will standardize processing technologies to establish quality standards for products developed locally. Consultancy services (e.g. appropriate packaging materials for the local products) will be done in the center to improve quality, marketability, withstand inefficiencies in transport system, and comply with the standards and regulations set in the domestic and export markets.

The center’s total project cost is PhP 5.3M which includes building structure at PWC and the seven (7) units of food processing equipment such as water retort, immersion freezer, vacuum packaging machine, spray dryer, vacuum evaporator, vacuum fryer, and vacuum dryer. These equipment were developed by DOST’s Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) as part of the department’s High Impact Technology Solutions (HITS) to support the growth and competitiveness of the country’s small and medium enterprises.