The Department of Science and Technology XI, together with the Davao City community of innovators, inventors, startups and technopreneurs, welcomes the approval of the landmark ordinance establishing Davao City Inventions and Innovations Center (DCIIC) during the 14th Regular Session of the 19th City Council of Davao on April 13, 2021.

Authored by Councilor Pilar Braga, Chairperson of the Committee on Education, Science and Technology, Art and Culture, the said ordinance seeks to provide a venue where Davao City-based inventors, innovators and startups can access goods, services, and capital so that their inventions and innovations can be fully developed, promoted and funded.

“The DCIIC is envisioned to serve as startup enabler where package of assistance such as prototype building, feasibility study and financial analysis, drafting of project proposals for funding, and intellectual property protection through its in-house experts or tapping into its network of experts of existing research facilities, technology business incubators and innovation centers will be made available for the local innovators, inventors, startups and technopreneurs”, said Councilor Braga.

Aside from establishing the center, the ordinance also supports the creation of Davao City Invention and Innovation Board (DCIIB) which will be chaired by no less than the City Mayor.  The DCIIB will be tasked to develop Davao City’s innovation goals, priorities and long-term strategies. The DOST XI will sit as one of the members of the said Board along with DTI XI, DICT XI, PIA XI, DCCCII, ICT Davao Inc., Davao City’s Inventors and Innovators Group, the Technology Business Incubators’ Group, Bankers Association of the Philippines, and the academe.

Dr. Anthony C. Sales, Regional Director of DOST XI, sees this trailblazing development as crucial to fostering and sustaining a supportive ecosystem for the inventors and innovators. “The landmark ordinance sets foot the much-needed legislative support from the local government unit. The establishment of DCIIC will be pivotal in complementing DOST XI’s existing and future programs, projects and activities to develop and promote innovations and inventions in Davao City. It will also be a strategic approach for DOST XI and all other DOST-supported innovation facilities such as the Food Processing Innovation Center in Philippine Women’s College, the Philippine Genome Center Mindanao Facility in UP Mindanao, the Sentro Mindanao, and the Technology Business Incubators in University of Mindanao, University of Southeastern Philippines, and UP Mindanao to amplify our services tailored to support and promote the various local inventions and innovations”.

“Aside from the existing DOST programs and services for inventors and innovators, the DCIIC will also expand opportunities by linking interested parties with financing institutions, investors and the market. Consolidating government support from both the national and local levels will greatly boost our innovation ecosystem”, Dir. Sales added.

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