A three (3)-day Peer Review Program took place last February 25-27, 2014 at the DOST XI Regional Office. The Peer Reviewers were Mr. Cesar Quintos from the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) and Mr. Tomonobu Suguira of NARBO who facilitated the discussion together with key stakeholders of HDN. The Peer Review program highlighted the open discussion between Peer Reviewers and the HDN management, as well as interviews with identified stakeholders from Sitio Upian in Marilog, LGU Matina Pangi, LGU Matina Crossing and CENRO.

The Peer Review is an offshoot of the Self-Assessment Training last October 31, 2013 at Pinnacle Hotel which was an evaluation and record tracking of the performance and activities of HELP Davao Network since its establishment. With the continual support and help of NARBO, HDN was able to come up with a Self-Assessment Report that also considers the targets for the year 2018.

Through the said program, the weaknesses and strengths of HELP-Davao Network were identified that led to a Strategic Planning which was deemed necessary to align the organization’s priorities to current opportunities and challenges that may affect the operations in the coming years.