Photo taken during the Virtual Ceremonial Signing of the MOA on January 18, 2022 via Zoom

With the vision of establishing Davao Food Terminal Complex (DFTC) as the first hub of packaging technology transfer for fresh and semi-processed agricultural produce in Mindanao, the Department of Science and Technology-Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) Packaging Technology Division and DOST Region XI, signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Davao City for the implementation of the DOST-DFTC Project on January 18, 2022 via Zoom platform.  

Funded under the DOST Smart Food Value Chain Program, this Project aims to upgrade the existing post-harvest and packaging technology of fruits of vegetables at DFTC to reduce its handling damage and spoilage by 20%. Through DFTC, farmers will be able to directly sell their products to supermarkets, hotels, convenience stores, and fast-food chains and increase their income by 20-30% through enhancing the quality of products and reducing spoilage of whole and semi-processed commodities like mango, pomelo, papaya, lettuce, broccoli, and carrots.

A total of Php 4.3 M funding support from DOST for technologies and interventions such as transport packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, postharvest treatment, semi-processing, and design and branding will be provided for the Project.


Sample packaging technologies of the agricultural produce

“Any packaging system should complement the appropriate logistical operation to ensure that the products reach their prime quality with the most economical cost; complementing and improving the facilities and services of the DFTC as a techno-transfer hub, not only to mitigate the adverse effects of COVID -19 but more so, to contribute to the food security in Region XI,” said DOST-ITDI Director, Dr. Annabelle V. Briones.

During the virtual ceremonial signing, DOST XI Regional Director Dr. Anthony C. Sales, CESO III, highlighted the power and value of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation (SETI), specifically the employment of S&T in the agriculture sector to help farmers who were badly affected by the pandemic.  

Davao City Mayor, Inday Sara Duterte, showed her support for this initiative stating that this will not only help Davao City but also, our neighboring regions whose economies largely depend on agriculture.

The farmers, represented by Macabatug Cooperative Federation Chairperson Mr. Nelson V. Tagud, also expressed their gratitude and commitment to this collaboration. Through this Project, the farmers will continue to deliver safe agricultural products of good quality to the market.

In 2019, the Department of Agriculture XI (DA XI) and Davao City LGU, jointly opened the Php 74.8 M DFTC in Barangay Daliao, Toril which serves as a major drop-off point of various agricultural produce and trading center that directly links farmers to each buyer. 

“We intensify our support through services for our smallholder farmers and advocate the leveling up of Philippine agricultural systems through technology and agripreneurship. Through our strengthened partnerships, let us continue to revitalize the agriculture sector through programs and projects that are industry-led, demand-driven, environment-friendly, market-oriented, and farmer-centered,” DA XI Regional Executive Director Mr. Abel James I. Monteagudo added.

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