Demonstration on how to use the Abaca Fiber Stripping Machine


To empower marginalized communities through developing and strengthening Grassroots Innovations (GIs), the Department of Science and Technology XI’s Grassroots Innovation for Inclusive Development (DOST XI-GRIND) with the Provincial Science and Technology Center in Davao de Oro deployed an Abaca Fiber Stripping Machine to the Golden Valley Abaca Farmers SLP Association (GOLVAFA) of Barangay Golden Valley, Mabini in Davao de Oro last May 31, 2022. 

The abaca, or also known as Manila hemp, is considered the “strongest natural fiber in the world.” Due to its quality, the fiber is used for various purposes and produced for different industries. Traditionally, the abaca fiber is cleaned through a slow, laborious, and wasteful hand-stripping process. The development of multiple abaca fiber machines across the world has made the stripping process less strenuous for farmers.

With the Abaca Fiber Stripping Machine deployed in Davao de Oro, the abaca farmers have a more efficient and convenient process of stripping abaca fiber. The abaca sheathe is twirled around the machine's spindle, and the machine strips the abaca fibers. The fiber stripping machine uses a diesel engine to operate and can easily be transported as it is lightweight and attached with wheels. A safety and operation training was conducted for the community members who will use the machine. 

The model was inspired by the GI of a Mansaka abaca farmer, Mr. Raymundo P. Bacote, who is also a member of GOLVAFA. The conduct of SalikLakbay Solutions Mapping at Brgy. Golden Valley in 2021 identified the GI by Mr. Bacote. 

Through the GOLFAVA President Mrs. Luisa C. Bacote, the community extended its gratitude to the DOST XI GRIND Program for its contribution to the development of the community. 

With science and technology, the GRIND Program continues to identify and promote GIs that will significantly contribute to the development of disadvantaged communities in the region. The deployment of the Abaca Fiber Stripping Machine is one of the many steps taken to ensure that development reaches the grassroots communities. 


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