The Department of Science and Technology Region XI (DOST XI) Director and Secretary of the Hydrology for Environment, Life, and Policy Davao Network (HELP Davao Network), Dr. Anthony Sales presented the developments of the platforms on water resilience and disasters implemented in Davao during the 15th Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI) Session held virtually on September 21, 2022. 

According to Dr. Sales, the Japan International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management introduced water resilience and disaster platforms using earth observation data, which led to the development of the Davao Online Synthesis System (OSS). 

"The Davao OSS synthesizes data on hazard, socioeconomic, and climate change into the Data Integration and Analysis System to capacitate policymakers and disaster managers with informed decisions," he added. 

To improve the governance of the said system, a set of facilitators from various professional backgrounds were trained to use and interpret data from the Science and Technology tools and were also taught to develop community and contingency plans. 

Currently, HELP Davao Network and its partner Agencies continue to push forward by deploying and ensuring the sustainability of Davao OSS through policy support and institutional commitment through the Davao River Basin Management Alliance. 

Dr. Sales also said that they are aspiring to forge an agreement between Davao City and Kumamoto City, Japan, to strengthen knowledge on water resilience and disasters. 

“All these steps are directed to build a sustainable Davao City where water is placed centrally in socio-economic development and where all sectors are enjoined as responsible stewards or resources," Dr. Sales added. 

The 15th AWCI session was organized with 18 countries aimed to address various water-related issues in Asia comprehensively. 


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