The Department of Health Region XI (DOH XI) awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to the Association of Regional Executives of National Agencies XI (ARENA XI), headed by the Department of Science and Technology XI (DOST XI) Regional Director  Dr. Anthony Sales, for the association's invaluable support and active role in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in the Davao region.

As the secretariat office of ARENA XI, the DOST XI spearheaded the coordination to roll out the first and second-dose vaccines for the government employees in Davao City during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Under the guidance of DOH XI, Davao City Health Office and the local government of Davao City, ARENA XI was able to put up three COVID-19 vaccination sites at the University of the Philippines Mindanao, University of Southeastern Philippines-Obrero, and the Police Regional Office XI, which catered to the primary dose vaccination needs of 98 national government agencies.

Under the leadership of Dr. Sales, the ARENA XI was able to pool medical supplies and facilities from the member agencies of ARENA XI, which were used in the three vaccination sites. Over a hundred medical and non-medical professionals from the government and private sectors volunteered to serve and cater to more than 9,000 individuals who received their primary doses in the ARENA XI vaccination sites. 

DOH XI vaccination team leader, Dr. Janis Olavides, said that 100 percent of the targetted adult population of the Davao region is now fully vaccinated (first and the second dose) through the efforts of various sectors like the ARENA XI. 

“ARENA XI facilitated (the vaccination in) the national government regional offices, and they also opened it to the public, so a lot of Davaoenos benefitted from the vaccination drive,” she added. 

Currently, DOH is hosting a massive vaccination campaign to encourage more Filipinos to take their booster doses to strengthen protection against COVID-19. DOH XI reported that only 32.4 percent of the target population in Region 11 received their first dose booster as of September.  

Dr. Sales expressed gratitude to all employees, medical and non-medical professionals, and volunteers who actively responded to the call, and filled in the needed human resources to effectively implement the vaccination program for the residents of Davao. 

Recently, DOST XI hosted an in-house booster vaccination for its employees and their dependents in support of the DOH's "PinasLakas" campaign efforts which aim to fortify the people's wall of immunity against COVID-19. 

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