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The Program enables MSMEs to address their technical problems and improve productivity and efficiency through:

  1. Infusion of appropriate technologies to improve operations
  2. Human resource training, technical assistance and consultancy services
  3. Design of functional packages and labels
  4. Assistance in the establishment of product standards including testing
  5. Database management system
  6. Provision of limited funds for technology acquisition
  7. Priority Sectors

The Program focuses assistance on the following priority sectors:

  1. Food processing
  2. Furniture
  3. Gifts, housewares, decors
  4. Marine and aquatic resources
  5. Horticulture and agriculture
  6. Metals and engineering
  7. Strategies to assist MSMEs

DOST thru the Program shall provide assistance using the following strategies:

Provision of technology

  1. Technology Needs Assessment and Sourcing of Technology 
    Participating MSMEs will be assisted in assessing their technology needs and appropriate technologies recommended for adoption. Once identified, source(s) of the technology will be determined and negotiations for the acquisition and installation of the technology will be done.
  2. Innovation System Support
    Participating firms shall be assisted in the acquisition of needed equipment and/or technology to improve their production efficiency.
  3. Human Resource Training
    Participating firms shall be provided with technical training on key production aspects such as Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) particularly for food processing; Good manufacturing practices (GMP); Quality/environment management system (QMS/EMS) as well as training on specific technical skills such as machining for furniture, handloom weaving, seaweed culture and tissue culture production, among others.
  4. Consultancy and Technical Advisory Services
    Participating firms shall be provided with continuing technical and productivity consultancy services including CP/ETV and Effective Energy Management/Energy Audit to ensure successful adoption of technologies through DOST’s pool of science and technology experts from its various agencies and members of the R&D network including academic institutions.

Product Standard and Testing

Participating firms shall be assisted with product testing for them to be able to meet certain standards that will allow them to compete locally and globally. DOST, established a network of regional testing laboratories in cooperation with the state colleges and universities and private testing centers.

Packaging and Labeling

Participating firms shall be assisted with design and selection of appropriate packaging materials to increase shelf-life and marketability of their products. DOST established the Packaging R&D Center under the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) to assist MSMEs in developing functional designs for packages, identify and develop suitable or alternative packaging materials especially from indigenous sources.

Database Management and Information System

Several databases vital to MSMEs are now being developed/maintained which includes list of available technologies and necessary equipment per technology including specification at the national and regional level, list of S&T experts, list of accredited fabricators and list of testing laboratories including services and cost. These databases will be accessible through the SETUP website that is currently being developed.