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The Regional Standards and Testing Laboratories (RSTL) - Davao is a PNS ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accredited testing laboratory for Chemical, Microbiological and Calibration Testing certified by the Philippine Accreditation Office (PAO). It offers microbiological and physio-chemical testing for food and water. The laboratory also conducts calibration services for length, mass and big and small volume, and accepts shelf life testing and sensory evaluation.


The regional laboratory is managed by the Department of Science and Technology - Region XI, an ISO 9001:2008 accredited organization and recipient of Level 1 recognition in the Philippine Quality Awards. Primarily serving food processing industry in Davao and nearby regions, RSTL-Davao is also accredited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - to handle the testing of food products. The laboratory also, issues Formula of Conversion (FOC) or Certificate of Formula of Manufacture (CFM) for importers and exporters.